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Can Mediums Be Friends With Ghosts?

Those who are fascinated by stories of ghosts and everything spooky will probably believe that mediums can become friends with ghosts, but communicating with spirits is not everyone’s cup of tea. Communicating with departed souls is rather serious business and it demands a lot of expertise.

This is where a medium comes in; he is a professional who can work like an interpreter, bridging the gap between the dead and the living. Expert mediums and astrologers say that mediums have the power to feel, see and even hear those who are not longer physically present. Just like conversations between mortals, dialogue with someone who has died may range from petty to profound. For instance, ghosts are not always going to tell you what you wish to hear and a good medium will have to work hard to make healthy boundaries between the spiritual and physical worlds.

Since spirits can usually be heard or seen by experts, it is believed that mediums have the power to talk to them, be friends with them, and deliver their messages to you. However, ghosts are slightly different; they will typically use any kind of medium or conduit to reach out and make contact. According to Meghan Castro, an LA-based psychic, ghosts are those spirits that have not had closure with the reality and the process tends to be a long one. Ghosts may be like showboats and it is often easier to make contact with such attention-seeking spirits, but experts warn against making them haphazardly. The thing is it is very hard to protect oneself when you do not understand what it is you are protecting yourself from. This means that if a psychic wishes to open contact with the dead, any spirit can come through.

When mediums communicate with ghosts they do so with reverence, using thoughtful words and speaking in a calm tone. You must say exactly what you have in mind and what you experience. Ghosts do not seek to scare mortals, and when a medium feels uncomfortable for some reason, he can always confess that he is scared. In such a situation the ghosts will leave him and move onto another conduit that is ready to communicate with them.

Connecting with a deceased person whom you loved is easier as you know him better and have a clearer picture in your mind. You can learn more here how you can connect yourself with your loved ones. You can think of a particular question that you wish to ask the spirit or just extend your messages of greeting. Incidentally, when a medium makes contact it may well be a one-sided dialogue the first few times. It is much later that he may be able to hear anything back from the ghosts; that needs a lot of training. The spirit world is comprised of both good and evil spirits and it is possible that mediums may attract spirits that they do not want to invite. So, according to the most experienced mediums it is a good idea to say a prayer and ask for spiritual protection before you engage in a planchette.